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clothing & shoes. [Dec. 29th, 2005 ★ 06:25 pm]
sukidesu ♥

★ Please don't hesitate to ask questions -- need additional photos? Size or measurement specifications? Details on anything?
★ Feel free to haggle or make offers if you don't like the prices!
★ Please let me know if you'd like to upgrade shipping or add insurance.

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Grey Skull Print Top Delia's. Size M. $2
Black Skull Print Top Size $2
White Skull Print Hooded Top Purchased from Journey's. Size M. Worn only once. $7

Green Printed Shirt $2
Penguin Print Pajama Pants $3

Red & Black Striped Top $2

Burgundy/Brown Printed Tie Back Top $2

Green/Blue Plaid Button Up Top Men's size S, $4

Punkrose Kaboom Blast High Top Sneakers
New with tags. Size 10. $20

Navy No-Lace Converse Sneakers Size 10. $5
Airwalk Printed Flip Flops Size 10. $4

Black Merona Flats Size 10. $3
White Printed Havainas Slim Flip Flops

Additional photos: one two
Journey's Black & White Checkered Belt
New with tag, never worn. $4

Rainbow Star Belt $5
Rainbow Cloth Buckle Belt $5
NYC Green Snakeskin Belt $3

kera fashion magazinesbeauty & accessoriesmisc. stuff

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